3 Questions to Ask When Considering an Ethernet Private Line (EPL)

Fiber Ethernet is a no-brainer for many Indiana businesses, especially since IFN’s fiber route touches almost every corner of the state and nearly everywhere in between. But when it comes to Ethernet Private Line service—EPL for short—it’s not uncommon to question the value EPL adds.

To assess if EPL is right for your business, consider asking yourself the following questions:

  1. Does my business operate from more than one location, or are there plans in place to open additional locations?
    The core benefit of EPL is dedicated Ethernet connectivity between two geographically dispersed business locations. IFN’s network provides high-speed, reliable connection to transport essential data instantly, at speeds up to 10 Gbps. To put this into perspective, downloading an 100GB file at 10Gbps takes less than two minutes. At 100Mbps, downloading the same file would take more than two hours!
  2. Is security a priority?
    Most experts agree that Ethernet is more secure than Wifi. Since many hackers looking to steal data launch cyber attacks remotely over wireless networks, an Ethernet connection is impossible to attack without direct access. Thus, while we hope security is a priority for all businesses, the privacy and security EPL offers is crucial for organizations handling sensitive, personal information. Industries like healthcare, finance and government fall into this category. All data transmitted through an EPL travels within the secure domain of a Layer 2 connection, making EPL one of the most secure ways to transfer data between two locations.
  3. Do I want to save money?
    EPL provides businesses with high bandwidth at a low price, as Ethernet cables and other required equipment are inexpensive to produce. Combined with the reliability of the IFN network, you will be hard-pressed to find a better value for EPL service. Since Ethernet is a mature technology, the industry standards surrounding it are unambiguous and offer easy compliance. Low equipment costs and ease-of-installation makes IFN EPL the most economical option for point-to-point connections.

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