Mark Grady

Mark Grady is the General Manager of New Paris Telephone, Inc., a community- and employee-owned technology company. Mark has been active at the company since 1982.

He has overseen the sustained growth of NPT and its related subsidiaries, lines of business, operating divisions, and diversified investments. The company has a long history of progress and innovation. Lines of business and diversified investments include fiber optic services, internet, and multimedia services. He is one of the initial founders of IFN.

Mark has extensive industry experience at all levels of the telecom and public safety industry and is a 9-1-1 Emergency Number Professional (ENP) specializing in next generation technology. Mark founded INdigital, a software development and 9-1-1 network operating company based in Fort Wayne, IN.

He has served on more than 50 industry task forces, study committees, work committees, and other industry association roles at the state and federal levels.