Network Engineer III

General Summary

The Engineer III is responsible for coordination and execution of network modifications based on tactical and strategic goals of the organization. Collaborates with the Network Architect to design and maintain a highly available Optical Transport and Ethernet network. Provides advanced level of technical guidance and direction for engineering team as it relates to network design and deployment. Provides network and service design for Engineering team as templates or guides.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

  • Reacts to utilization and growth patterns, plans and executes capacity solutions in response to customer and company needs
  • Produces service design packages to articulate architectural changes and capacity augments in the network
  • Collaborates with the Network Architect on required changes in software releases for network equipment
  • Executes core network changes and modifications as part of a MOP
  • Reviews and provides a recommended action in response to vendor issued Technical Service Bulletin’s
  • Ability to support Operational departments by participating in an on-call rotation
  • Provides feedback to service development and SLA management teams
  • Collaborates with other Engineering team members on hardware and vendor selection
  • Produce and maintain policies for service provisioning and hardware deployment
  • Provide Director of Network Planning & Engineering with feedback concerning continuous improvement
  • Willing and able to work flexible hours and/or additional hours over 40 hours a week when required
  • Other duties as assigned by the Director of Network Planning & Engineering
  • Creates complex network designs to fulfill customer requests.
  • Provides support on design, test and turn up, as well as complex customer issues or problems.
  • Manages DevOps projects and initiatives using internal and external resources.
  • Creates and Updates design templates for BAU services.
  • Perform complex and routine maintenance tests for designated areas of engineering

Required Knowledge

  • Advanced level knowledge of service delivery, routing methods and network architecture features:
    • MP-BGP (address families, route-reflecting, route maps, communities)
    • iBGP, eBGP, g.8032, OSPF, ISIS, STP, MSTP, RSTP
    • L3VPN configuration
    • MPLS service advanced configuration and behavior
  • TE traffic steering (Admin Groups, SRLG)
  • Multicast Routing
  • IPv4 and IPv6 routing in an ISP network
  • Layer 2 forwarding and loop avoidance technologies
  • Advanced OSPF (TE extensions, costing)
  • LSP path signaling (cspf, rsvp, ldp, admin groups)
  • WDM and OTN networking and topologies.
    • AC/DC power budgeting
    • Passive xWDM, OADM (Ciena 4200 etc)
    • Optical link loss budgeting (loss, mileage, etc)
    • Q-in-Q dot1q tagging (outer, inner, etc)
    • Dot1q tag manipulation (pop, push, swap)
    • MAC address replication (multicast, broadcast, unknown)
    • Mesh VPLS vs Hierarchical VPLS (loop avoidance)
  • 4 or more years of senior level experience working in a service provider or large enterprise environment
  • 4 or more years of experience with Network Management Systems, records databases and relevant vendor specific applications
  • Advanced level experience in TCP/IP packet analysis, routing and switching
  • Advanced level experience in network and device management using common programming languages and techniques (Perl, Python or PHP)

Required Skills

  • Understanding of complex network topologies and interdependencies.
  • Networking technologies, protocols, deployment scenarios and topologies.
  • Network scalability and limitations.
  • Networking practical application.
  • Open source and vendor specific tools that support design, deployment and operations of a service provider network. Some examples are Nokia SAM, Ciena One Control, MySQL, Cacti, Syslog, Splunk.
  • Creation of BCOP (Best Current Operational Practices) for service provider networking in support of building and maintaining highly reliable and available networks.
  • Common scripting and programming languages such as PHP, Bash shell, Ruby and Python.
  • Mentoring other engineers on network design use and practical application.
  • Ability to interface with Vendors, Operational personnel, Director of Networking Planning & Engineering, and Project Managers, to successfully plan and implement core network changes
  • Clear and concise verbal/written communications skills are essential
  • Team oriented – able to work well with others in a professional environment
  • Manage workload to ensure punctual completion of assigned tasks
  • Possess the ability to work with customers and vendors at both a business & technical level
  • Proven ability to plan and execute large scale projects related to network architecture
  • Possess strong technical leadership
  • Expertise in Operations Management for various infrastructure environments such as configuration management, operations tools/applications, management of enterprise applications relating to network operations.
  • Expertise in Network Management Application Configuration and Support. Including management of the provisioning, capacity, performance and availability of the overall network environment.

To apply for this position, please send your resume and cover letter to