Network Operations Engineer

General Summary

IFN’s Network Operations Engineer is responsible for ensuring the viability of customer services and the proper function of some of the IFN network. The Network Operations Engineer monitors the health and function of the network, validates new hardware and service installation, and serves as an escalation path for customer service issues. The Network Operations Engineer serves as essential support in the Service Operations team, providing support to Technicians in maintaining a positive customer experience, and supporting Senior Engineers by assisting with network events and projects. The Network Operations Engineer position provides an opportunity for advancement and growth for seasoned Network Engineers on the path to higher level engineering positions.

This position operates on a regular shift but is part of a 24x7x365 support environment and a technician may be called upon to work outside their regular shift with little notice to maintain coverage. This position is part of an on-call rotation.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

  • Monitor and verify network health during and after network maintenance events.
  • Supports IFN Field Operations staff in the deployment of network hardware and testing for network maintenance and repair activities.
  • Documents network maintenance activities and any deviations from planned execution.
  • Supports customer services deployed via Ethernet, IP, MPLS, OTN, SONET, and WDM based platforms.
  • Supports customer service configuration changes for internet customers with BGP peering relationships.
  • Supports access and aggregation equipment for Ethernet, IP, MPLS, OTN, SONET, and WDM networks.
  • Documents in detail network and service issues, troubleshooting steps, and resolutions.
  • Reviews Service Packages for accurate deployment.
  • Identifies and corrects network configuration that deviates from deployment standards.
  • When needed, works with customer support staff to identify, and resolve complex issues.
  • When needed, works with provider support staff to identify, and resolve complex issues.
  • Reviews for accuracy and corrects Network Systems, services, and Ethernet protocols in the existing network.
  • Execute project tasks either individually or part of a team to deliver results within expected timeline.
  • Draft, execute, and lead project plans to achieve goals established by Manager or Senior Engineers.
  • Train and mentor new Operations Engineers and Network Operations Technicians in matters both technical and procedural.
  • Learn new technologies, protocols, and deployment procedures that have been created and implemented by Network Engineering and Architecture teams.

Required Knowledge/Skills

  • Demonstrates ability to effectively communicate complex technical concepts to those without technical experience.
  • Demonstrates the ability to work effectively as part of a team.
  • Ability to triage and prioritize in multiple event scenarios.
  • Network and service troubleshooting skills and experience.
  • Experience working with networking equipment in a CLI environment.
  • Can demonstrate knowledge of the following technologies in the areas described below:
    • Ethernet Networking
      • MAC Addressing, Frame switching, VLAN configuration and behavior (802.1q and QinQ), LACP based Link Aggregation, Spanning Tree.
    • IP Networking (ipv4 and ipv6)
      • IP Addressing, IP subnetting, Static IP Routing, ARP, OSPF configuration and operation, BGP peer configuration and operation, ACL/Prefix List/Route-map configuration and behavior.
    • MPLS
      • T-LDP, RSVP, Traffic Engineering, Layer 2 VPN Services, Layer 3 VPN Services, LSP, VC tag types, Labeling.
    • OTN
      • OTU structures, ODU service entities and limitations
    • SONET
      • OC, STS, UPSR, Ethernet over SONET, VCAT, TDM over SONET
    • WDM
      • Coarse Wave Division Multiplexing, Dense Wave Division Multiplexing, Fixed Optical Add Drop Multiplexing, Reconfigurable Add Drop Multiplexing, EDFA based optical amplification, Optical power levels and balancing.
  • Ability to thoroughly document complex issues or procedures in a detailed, yet clear and concise manner.
  • Detail oriented.
  • Must possess Cisco CCNA R/S, Nokia NRS-1, Juniper JNCIA-Junos, or equivalent certification. (Individuals with equivalent knowledge and experience but without qualifying certification would be subject to obtaining certification within a set timeframe from start of position)

Desired Knowledge/Skills

  • Team leadership
  • Cisco CCNP R/S or Nokia NRS-II certification
  • Self-motivated
  • 1+ year experience serving in a Network Engineer role
  • Experience with any of the following hardware platforms:
    • Nokia 1830, 7210, 7250, 7750
    • Ciena 4200, 5400, 6500
    • Cisco 15300, 15454, 15600
    • WDM OADM filters and optics
  • Experience working with RFC 2544, y.1731, or y.1564 testing equipment or procedures.
  • Experience working with remote hands or providing remote hardware support.
  • Experience with any of the following software platforms:
    • Network Monitoring Systems – Centina, Solarwinds, Blue Planet, Nagios, etc
    • Ciena One Control
    • Cisco CTP

To apply for this position, please send your resume and cover letter to