The Role of High-Speed Connectivity in Economic Development

At Intelligent Fiber Network (IFN), we believe —and have consistently shown—that technology can serve as a powerful equalizer. With high-speed network access provided by our fiber connections, we help level the playing field and remove disadvantages historically caused by geography.

Broadband Access Helps Hoosiers Cross the Digital Divide

Organizations now consider the availability of broadband networks as a key determinant of remaining or moving into a community, just as they consider energy costs, ease of doing business, taxes, labor costs, and education levels. In fact, site selectors report that communities lacking suitable broadband infrastructure are routinely eliminated from consideration as potential sites for location or relocation. We’re witnessing a new renaissance, where businesses can compete and thrive in locations that are strategically superior not for their proximity to city centers, but for alternative reasons. Perhaps they want to be near a particularly capable workforce, provide an improved quality of life, or simply be in the midst of their primary customer base. Technology makes it possible for businesses to take full advantage of a rural landscape without sacrificing business acumen, efficiencies, or performance.

4,500 Miles of Fiber Optic Cables… and Growing

We see our purpose at IFN to be one of ensuring that knowledge and technological advances should be available for the progress of all people, regardless of their geography. Today, we deploy more than 4,500 miles of fiber optic cables across the state of Indiana. We currently reach into every corner of this great state and, with our industry partners, across the country and around the globe. We aim to have more fiber connectivity than anyone else in Indiana, reaching deep into our rural areas as well as our cities. We also intend to reach beyond the borders into neighboring states, working to provide the same intelligent networking solutions our customers have come to expect to a broad range of new enterprises.

Ask us how we can bring the competitive advantage of high-speed access to your business.