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How Our Agent Channel Program Benefits You

At Intelligent Fiber Network, it’s no secret that our enterprise customers are more like partners than clients. We create lasting relationships, work together to build necessary connectivity upgrades, and bring fiber to the under- and unserved areas of the Hoosier State. One of the ways we build impactful relationships with our clients is through our… Read More »

Five Intelligent Fiber Network Owner Companies Receive Next Level Connections Broadband Funding

These member/owners serve ten counties across Indiana and will receive $21.7 million in funding. INDIANAPOLIS – Intelligent Fiber Network (IFN), a leader among Indiana’s commercial fiber broadband providers, today applauds five of its owner companies and one of its owner’s member companies for being awarded funding grants from Indiana’s Next Level Connections Broadband Grant Program…. Read More »

Fast and Steady Wins the Race

We all know the story of the tortoise and the hare and its implied wisdom.  But when it comes to your business internet, the adage needs tweaking to reflect the truth. In reality, fast and steady wins in the end. The speed and reliability of internet service can make or break a business, and it’s… Read More »

How Broadband Can Change the Agriculture Industry

Broadband internet access is more crucial than ever for businesses and consumers. With faster internet, a booming economy follows, yet there is still a gap in broadband access between rural and metro communities. According to the FCC, in 2016, 24 million Americans lacked broadband internet speeds. Furthermore, 29% of U.S. farms had no access to… Read More »

How Fiber Broadband Can Impact the Rural Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry is changing as we know it. With the current digital economy, it’s becoming increasingly important for rural areas to invest in fiber broadband to jumpstart their economy and combat unemployment. Rural America has experienced a decline in manufacturing jobs in the last decade, but thanks to high-speed broadband, these communities can now… Read More »

Intelligent Fiber Network Expanding Connectivity, Fortifying Multi-State Network with Access in Ashburn, Virginia

Intelligent Fiber Network (IFN), a leader among Indiana’s commercial fiber broadband providers, today announces it is expanding its internet network connectivity to Ashburn, Virginia. This announcement comes on the heels of IFN’s recent partnership with Wabash Valley Power that opens IFN to connectivity in Illinois and Missouri. IFN maintains a similar connection through Chicago where… Read More »

3 Questions to Ask when Evaluating Fiber Ethernet Carriers

We live in an age of unlimited options. Take potato chips, for instance. Back in the 1920s, you’d be lucky to find a single chip brand on the shelves of your local grocery store. Today, your supermarket stocks at least 20 different chip brands – some regional, others national. You can buy chips baked, fried… Read More »