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Dedicated Fiber Ethernet With Less Complexity

If you’re looking for a robust networking solution for fiber transport, look no further than Intelligent Fiber Network. We are happy to introduce our carrier-grade fiber Ethernet transport to our blog (it’s been around product-wise for a while!) As part of our 4,500 route miles of fiber, IFN’s fiber transport is equipped to provide secure… Read More »

Top 2018 Trends for the Fiber Industry in Indiana

We know the first word you probably don’t associate with fiber is “sexy.” But as our fearless leader Jim Turner said in a meeting recently, “Fiber is sexy right now.” Not only is this the kind of attitude we love about fiber, but he’s also right! Fiber broadband has received an immense amount of attention… Read More »

Win-Win-Win: Telecom, Rural Electric, and Fiber Can Solve Indiana’s Digital Divide

By now, it is probably clear that we’re passionate here at IFN about closing the digital divide in Indiana. It’s not an overstatement to say that internet connectivity is a basic necessity today – not quite on the same level as food, water, and electricity, but pretty darned close. Hoosiers across the state don’t just… Read More »

Howard & Tipton Counties, You’re Fiber Ready!

Readers of our blog know that we are committed to bringing fast, always-on connectivity to all parts of Indiana and to closing the digital divide between urban and rural businesses in the state. As part of that effort, IFN has enabled fiber-ready sites in many Indiana communities for businesses to tap into. We will be… Read More »

How Fiber, Electricity and Telecommunications Companies can Work Together to Bridge the Digital Divide (Part 2)

As we shared in our previous blog post, our country is currently facing a digital divide. In rural communities, 35 percent of Americans lack access to high-speed broadband internet. In this series of blog posts, we are exploring a solution to Indiana’s digital divide which involves fiber networks, rural electric co-ops and telephone companies working… Read More »

Solving the Digital Divide: Telecom and Fiber and Rural Electric – Oh My! (Part 1)

In rural America, 35 percent of Americans – or roughly 22 million people – lack meaningful access to high-speed broadband internet. This is compared to just 3 percent of people in urban areas. Sometimes referred to as the “digital divide,” this gap in broadband availability is frankly unacceptable when you consider that every industry – from healthcare… Read More »

IFN Overhauls Core Platform Network to Upgrade Service Across Indiana

IFN performs comprehensive update of packet network to prepare for future innovations and growth. INDIANAPOLIS (April 3, 2018) – IFN today announces it has begun a multi-year, multi-million dollar network upgrade across the state to increase capacity and improve broadband access reliability. The upgrades will increase capacity, improve stability, and add efficiency – all of… Read More »