Cloudy with a Chance of Outages: How to Disaster-Proof your Business

According to the National Weather Service, we’re heading into tornado season, as April, May, and June are the most active months for twisters across the United States. Is it a coincidence that flash flooding is most likely to occur during these months as well?

Though total destruction as a result of a tornado or flood is unlikely, even a common springtime thunderstorm can wreak havoc on a business’ day-to-day operations. Often, servers and other network equipment are stored in a ground-floor office closet, making them just as — or perhaps even more — vulnerable than the rest of the building. If the power or network connectivity goes down because of a storm, your employee’s access to email and important files will go down with it. The losses as a result are of greater consequence than you’d think – experts suggest just one hour of network inaccessibility could cost your business more than $200,000 in lost productivity. Disastrous indeed.

Imagine for a moment that the hardware in the closet is cash, multiple stacks of $20 bills neatly bundled into $2,000 packets with purple rubber bands. It doesn’t take a CPA to know that keeping that much cash on-premise is not only absurd, but dangerous. Depositing that cash at a bank protects both you and the cash from theft. In the same way, keeping mission-critical business applications on-premise leaves you vulnerable to both human impropriety and threatening weather conditions. And in this case, a colocation facility is to hardware what a bank is to cash. Colocation facilities are data centers that rent equipment, space, and bandwidth to businesses. Moving critical hardware into one of these data centers is one of the quickest and most cost-effective ways to disaster-proof your business this spring.

IFN owns two data centers in the Indianapolis area and provides access to more than 14 others across the state of Indiana. IFN’s colocation services offer advantages that your own building can’t compete with, even if it’s equipped with a generator or is fortified to withstand some untold disaster. With redundant AC and DC power plus protected battery and diesel generator backup, IFN’s data centers are designed to keep servers online no matter what’s happening outside. These facilities also enjoy 24/7, multiple-layer security access and monitoring, ensuring the peace-of-mind that’s almost impossible to achieve otherwise. Finally, IFN’s 99.999% network uptime guarantees work can continue through power outages, surges, and demand overload.

We know Indiana weather is unpredictable, which is why we guarantee the peace-of-mind that accompanies our colocation services. Give us a call today at (317) 280-4636 to discuss the best colocation configuration for your needs.