Delaware County: You’re Fiber Ready!

Fiber optics is a revolutionary tool to connect people and businesses in a faster and more reliable way. At Intelligent Fiber Network, we are dedicated to bridging the digital divide by providing fiber clusters for businesses to tap into.

During the past few months, we have featured some of these clusters where fiber is available. Next up is Delaware County. This county has two fiber-ready sites, equipped with low-cost, high-bandwidth internet services serving the Muncie, IN area. These sites connect to more than 15 miles of fiber with faster and reliable internet services that any of the surrounding Hoosier businesses can tap into. This is reflective of the $1 million capital investment that IFN has put into the area since its inception in 2002.

“Intelligent Fiber Network is excited to be able to expand our services to the Muncie area,” said IFN CEO Jim Turner. “Connectivity is powerful, and we are proud to provide fast and reliable fiber services. We look forward to being able to share fiber optics with Delaware County and work to bridge the digital divide.”

The following locations in Delaware County are fiber-optic ready:

  • Ontario Place – Certified Tech Park
  • Ball Hospital Foundation

If you are wondering if we’re in your area, check out our blog or our statewide fiber map. Or, contact us at (317) 280-4636 or We’d love to discuss how we can benefit your organization.