Elkhart and St. Joseph Counties, You’re Fiber Ready!

At Intelligent Fiber Network, we work every day to bridge the digital divide by providing fiber optics to communities. Fiber optics helps to boost the economy and improve our connections by allowing businesses to tap into fast and reliable internet services. During the past few weeks, we have featured some of these clusters where fiber is available. This week we are in are Elkhart and St. Joseph Counties in the South Bend, IN area.

These two counties have a combined six fiber-ready sites in addition to IFN’s existing customer base, all equipped with low-cost, high-bandwidth internet services. These sites connect to more than 207 miles of fiber in the area with faster and reliable internet services that any of the surrounding Hoosier businesses can tap into. This is reflective of the $10.4 million capital investment that IFN has put into these two counties since its inception in 2002.

“Fiber is an evolutionary infrastructure for the Internet,” said IFN CEO Jim Turner. “It gives us the freedom, flexibly and reliability to continue to grow our businesses and communities. We are proud to be able to expand our network and bridge the digital divide.”

The following locations in Elkhart and St. Joseph Counties are fiber-optic ready:

Elkhart County

  • County Rd 27 & Country Rd 38 – Waterford Commons N
  • Maywell Industrial Park / Middleton Run Road Land
  • Waterford Commons North
  • County Rd 27 & Country Rd 38

St. Joseph County

  • Ameriplex at Interstate 80/90

If you are wondering if we’re in your area, stay tuned over the next few weeks as we highlight all of our fiber-ready sites. Or, contact us at (317) 280-4636 or info@intelligentfiber.com. We’d love to discuss how we can benefit your organization.