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Healthcare IT

IFN’s private networks provide the security, reliability, and high-speed connectivity the healthcare industry demands.

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Healthcare has evolved into a delicate digital ecosystem, especially as more people continue to live and operate remotely as a result of COVID-19.

Telemedicine, Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), and the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) are what healthcare professionals around the world consider the future of the industry*—strengthening the IT infrastructure is essential to sustain interconnectivity.

The accelerated digital transformation and the increased need for telehealth services is placing greater demands on healthcare IT departments to adapt and support these critical advancements. Improving patient experience, streamlining clinical operations, and gathering and protecting cutting-edge data doesn’t happen with a flip of a switch. It all starts with your foundation—your network.

We will work with you to convert your mission-critical applications to a reliable, flexible private fiber network to provide capacity that accommodates future system improvements without sacrificing data security.

*Source: HIMSS

Fast, reliable response time

Complete diversity from hospital-to-hospital or hospital-to-data center ensuring no single points of failure.

Secure patient information

Reliable, low latency connections to run critical applications, including Electronic Medical Records (EMR), within the network or to IFN’s Cloud Connect ensures patient safety is a top priority.

Maximum IT efficiency and future-proof IT spend

Point to multipoint connectivity providing survivability with loss of a healthcare facility.

“IFN provided a robust, secure path we utilized to complete our consolidation to a data center in Indianapolis. The speed and reliability allowed for a secured move of all information over a weekend. We have continued to utilize the IFN network path to manage information for our operations, supporting world-wide company operations.”

– Verified purchaser (CIO Healthcare Firm)

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