How Fiber Broadband Can Impact the Rural Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry is changing as we know it. With the current digital economy, it’s becoming increasingly important for rural areas to invest in fiber broadband to jumpstart their economy and combat unemployment. Rural America has experienced a decline in manufacturing jobs in the last decade, but thanks to high-speed broadband, these communities can now compete globally with the same success as any large city or high-tech hub.

Over 4 million manufacturing jobs will need to be filled in the next decade – with 2.4 million in danger of remaining unfilled. Equipping rural communities with access to reliable internet is key to staunch the flow of unfilled jobs. This won’t just impact the manufacturing industry, however, it will also allow other areas of rural life to thrive, including local Main Street businesses, education, agriculture, healthcare, and recreation. Rural communities will not be able to keep up in the manufacturing sector or the larger modern economy without adopting fiber broadband. Future generations will likely choose to migrate to larger cities to live and work, jeopardizing the future of their rural hometowns.

Fiber broadband access in rural areas would benefit the manufacturing industry specifically by partnering with local schools, job-training centers, and other organizations to gain the tools needed in order to train and develop an incoming workforce. By doing so, local residents will be developing manufacturing skills that will help manage the talent crisis and provide employment in areas with few job opportunities.

Rural manufacturers have proven to be just as capable and innovative as their urban counterparts, they just don’t always have the right technology to utilize their skills. Rural manufacturing firms can be slow to adapt because of this, which presents challenges in achieving long-term success. By integrating better technology, manufacturing firms can grow and provide more job opportunities in their communities. The goal isn’t to replace workers with robots, it’s to work with technology to allow future generations to enter the workforce with the knowledge they need to be successful in their chosen field.

Investing in fiber broadband can seem daunting, but the reward of creating new opportunities is well worth the risk. As a fiber broadband provider, Intelligent Fiber Network connects communities throughout Indiana with the dependable high-speed broadband connections that are crucial to succeeding in today’s competitive job market. A leader in innovative connectivity solutions, we strive to bridge the gap and provide rural areas in the Midwest with the internet they need.

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