How IFN can help rural health care providers save on broadband costs

Access to fiber broadband for health care providers saves lives while lowering costs and improving patient experiences. Fiber broadband is essential for high-bandwidth applications including:

  • Telemedicine and training video conferencing
  • Sending X-rays, MRIs, and CAT scans to specialists at distant hospitals
  • Transmitting electronic health records

As a homegrown Indiana company, we know the challenges rural Indiana health care providers face. We provide connectivity to both rural and urban hospitals and clinics for high-speed imaging, electronic medical record applications, and other data transfers that require a secure data network. We also host the Indiana Rural Health Association shared platform for the Indiana Telehealth Network in our Henry Street data center.

Because of our unrivaled experience in health care, we’re working to connect rural health care providers with limited access to broadband to the FCC’s Healthcare Connect Fund.

The Healthcare Connect Fund (HCF) seeks to help cover broadband expenses and network equipment for qualifying providers. To get started:

  • For Indiana organizations, refer to
  • Review the overview of the application process at and download the required forms
  • Complete and submit Form 460 (Eligibility and Registration Form)
  • Complete, and submit Form 461 (Request for Services Form) by May 3. Note: You must complete and file Form 460 before filing Form 461. Form 461 must be posted on USAC’s website for at least 28 days before you may sign a contract with a service provider

While you are responsible for completing the application to participate in the Healthcare Connect Fund, IFN is one of the vendor providers offering broadband to rural, not-for-profit health care organizations.

It’s important to realize that cost is definitely a factor in the decision process, but you should also consider the merits of the provider. In the case of IFN, our 99.999% service availability is unsurpassed in the market and translates to less than 6 minutes of downtime each year. Additionally, our professional network engineers and operations specialists excel at providing a flexible network configuration uniquely designed to suit the specific requirements of a best-in-class health care facility.

Reach out to an IFN account manager or Ally Orwig ( for help with each step of the HCF process to ensure that both the technical solution and the required processes and procedures are planned accordingly.