How Our Agent Channel Program Benefits You

At Intelligent Fiber Network, it’s no secret that our enterprise customers are more like partners than clients. We create lasting relationships, work together to build necessary connectivity upgrades, and bring fiber to the under- and unserved areas of the Hoosier State.

One of the ways we build impactful relationships with our clients is through our agents. Agents, as some of you may know, are basically an extension of our sales team. They have their own groups of customers that they’re looking to provide quality services to.  Agents are a key component to our processes, we rely on our agent program to help connect us with those enterprise customers who could most benefit from our services. This results in a win-win-win situation: The end users gain access to our reliable and expansive network, the agents have a superior supplier to bring to their customers (that’s us), and we get to expand the work we’re passionate about – closing the digital divide.

Our focus is to build relationships for the long-term and help you fulfill your goals of profitable customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves in delivering substantial and quantifiable value to our current and potential customers. To our agents we promise:

  1. To be EASY to work with
  2. To be PROMPT in quote turnaround and commission payments
  3. To constantly deliver FAST, always-on and secure fiber based internet service to your customers

Over the last several months, we’ve been expanding this agent channel program. If you’re looking for fiber broadband, you can reach out directly to IFN to one of our trusted agents to help kick the conversation off.

For more information and to enroll your company in IFN’s Authorized Agent Program, please contact our National Manager of Channel Sales, Kip Pancake at 317.832.1139.