Need for Speed: How Fiber Internet can help your Business Move Faster

Many of us make personal resolutions when the new year turns on the calendar, and the same is true for business leaders. It’s common to look for ways to work smarter and faster to boost revenue. Technology is often cited as the key to a more productive workforce, but adding more software to your tech stack will solve nothing without proper support. Like with a home remodel, a fresh coat of paint will accomplish little if the foundation is crumbling. To increase productivity and decrease costs in 2019, you should focus on the foundation supporting your business: the network. Since this foundation upholds email, cloud storage, document management and more, should your top priority for 2019 be increasing the accessibility, speed, and security of your network? We think so – locate your business on our Indiana Fiber Internet Map and get connected today.

Optimize Accessibility with Fiber

Fiber Optic internet cabling is the preferred method for robust networking solutions, as these tiny strands of glass transport more information in less time than their metal counterparts. Businesses need fiber optic networks for high-bandwidth activities like video conferencing and transporting large files. IFN has more than 4,500 route miles of fiber throughout the state, connecting more than 4,000 buildings in Indiana. (To put this in perspective, if you laid out our fiber cable in a straight line from downtown Indianapolis, it would stretch all the way to Switzerland.) With this expansive coverage, IFN’s fiber transport network is built for scalability to support business growth.

Increase Speed with IFN Internet

IFN’s reliable fiber connections in urban and rural areas make our internet service fast and cost-effective. We provide ethernet access options from 5Mbps to more than 100Gbps, a transfer rate lauded as the next generation of enterprise internet speed. Analysts have predicted that the demand for 100Gb Ethernet ports is expected to increase by more than 300 percent by 2022. So while your business may not currently require the speed 100Gbps provides, emerging technologies may make it necessary in the near future. IFN has options to meet your specific needs. You may choose from multiple upstream carrier options to optimize file upload and sending capabilities, as well as burstable and capped Internet access options.

Achieve Peace-of-Mind with Secure Colocation

Many people have experienced the dramatic drop in productivity that follows a service or power outage at the office. Colocation offers a solution to eradicate issues that plague businesses storing servers and other hardware on-premise. IFN’s colocation services allow your business to rent space for these assets in a carrier-neutral data center. Storing servers in a third-party location means your employees can continue working through power outages, surges, and demand overload with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your mission-critical business operations remain unaffected. Additionally, IFN’s private cloud space offers businesses the option of creating a hybrid cloud. A hybrid cloud combines an enterprise’s proprietary, private cloud with a third-party, public cloud to create a flexible environment designed to support your business as it scales.

In addition to the accessibility, speed, and security IFN provides, each service includes professional installation and 24/7 support. Contact us today to speak to an expert about how our solutions can save your business time and money with our fiber, internet and colocation services.