National Access Via INDATEL

INDATEL is a nationwide network of wholesale carriers. Its 100,000 fiber optic route miles connects more than 40,000 buildings in 5,000 communities in underserved rural and metropolitan markets.

Its 30 members, including IFN, represent 500 rural local exchange carriers. INDATEL’s CDN Peering Aggregation POPs at Chicago and Dallas, with extensions to POPs in Minneapolis and Denver, are peered with the major CDN Providers such as GoogleSM, AkamaiSM, LimelightSM, FacebookSM, Netflix®, and the EquinixSM Internet Business eXchange (IBX) in both Chicago and Dallas. The Equinix IBX provides access to many other CDN Providers such as Amazon®, MicrosoftSM, Edgecast®, etc. IFN leverages partnerships and strategic alliances with other INDATEL members to give your organization network connections throughout the US.

National Data Centers Via INDATEL