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Intelligent Fiber Network Launches New SD-WAN Product, Promotes Director

INDIANAPOLIS (September 24, 2020) – Intelligent Fiber Network (IFN) announces the launch of its new SD-WAN product to bring its top-of-line service solutions to customers in locations outside of IFN’s fiberline network. To guide the launch, IFN has promoted Kent Welch to Director of Product Development and Sales Operations to lead this and future product… Read More »

How IFN is Leading the Way to Better Enterprise Health

Even before COVID-19 rocked America,  one-third of rural hospitals nationwide were on the brink of shutting down and others struggled to stay afloat. For more than 60 million Americans, or 20 percent of the US population, living in a rural community too often plays a role in the type of healthcare received. Access to healthcare,… Read More »

IFN Relocates Indianapolis Headquarters to Accommodate Growth

INDIANAPOLIS (December 13, 2019) – Intelligent Fiber Network (IFN), a leader among Indiana’s commercial fiber broadband providers, today announces the relocation of its headquarters to the west side of Indianapolis to accommodate for continued growth. This announcement follows IFN’s successful $13 million capital raise in April 2019. The new headquarters, located at 722 North High… Read More »

The Secret Service of the Cyberworld

Our nation’s leaders are protected every moment of the day and night by the Secret Service. It’s a serious job, reserved for the most elite of agents. It involves a tremendous level of skill, coupled with razor-sharp awareness and vigilance. They’re trained to protect against danger, and they do it extraordinarily well. So what’s the… Read More »

How Our Agent Channel Program Benefits You

At Intelligent Fiber Network, it’s no secret that our enterprise customers are more like partners than clients. We create lasting relationships, work together to build necessary connectivity upgrades, and bring fiber to the under- and unserved areas of the Hoosier State. One of the ways we build impactful relationships with our clients is through our… Read More »

IFN Announces New VP of Carrier Sales and Business Development

INDIANAPOLIS (October 4, 2019) –  Intelligent Fiber Network (IFN), a leader among Indiana’s commercial fiber broadband providers, today announces that Cory Childs, previously Director of Sales for IFN, has been named Vice President of Carrier Sales and Business Development. An experienced manager in the sales industry, Childs will continue to leverage his 10+ years of… Read More »

Rural Students Need Sustainable Broadband Access to Complete Schoolwork

As the school year gets up and running, students across the U.S. are getting back into the swing of doing one of their least favorite things: homework. With the ever-growing amount of technology and resources being infused into classrooms around the country, teachers are able to enhance their students’ educational experiences. Nearly 70% of teachers… Read More »