Cloud Connect

Private Connections as Fast and Flexible as the Cloud


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Cloud Connect Details

IFN Cloud Connect is an advanced interconnection solution that provides seamless, on-demand, private connections to multiple cloud services, including Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Oracle Cloud. It makes the process of connecting to clouds as fast and flexible as the cloud itself.

Key Highlights of Cloud Connect:

  • Increased data throughput by connecting directly to the cloud service
  • Predictable high performance, eliminating unpredictable traffic congestion and transmission lag times inherent in public networks
  • Enhanced security achieved by using private connections to transmit data
  • Simplified integration of new technology services
  • Guaranteed 99.99% availability

Service Description

  • IFN Cloud Connect combines automated interconnection with advanced service orchestration to create fast, flexible, direct connections to multiple cloud services simultaneously—the type of connections necessary to build and scale hybrid clouds. With our direct Cloud Connect, your data doesn’t traverse the Internet, eliminating unpredictable traffic congestion, transmission lag times, and data exposure risks inherent in public networks.
  • Cloud Connect gives you an innovative new way to connect multiple clouds across multiple sites faster, easier, more reliably, and affordably than using the open Internet.
  • Get all the benefits of the cloud services without the security concerns, internet performance bottlenecks, and risks of vendor lock-in. We provide choice and flexibility in hybrid cloud implementations, providing customized solutions to accelerate your IT infrastructure and satisfy the demands of your constituents.