The Secret Service of the Cyberworld

Our nation’s leaders are protected every moment of the day and night by the Secret Service. It’s a serious job, reserved for the most elite of agents. It involves a tremendous level of skill, coupled with razor-sharp awareness and vigilance. They’re trained to protect against danger, and they do it extraordinarily well.

So what’s the cyberworld equivalent to the Secret Service? Meet the IFN Network Operations Center, or NOC for short. Unlike agents, NOC technicians don’t drive dark Suburbans or carry firearms; they sit at desks watching a sea of screens like hawks. But the basic job description is the same: protect and defend.

IFN’s NOC is located in Indianapolis and it looks a lot like you’re probably picturing: rows of desks covered in computer monitors, all facing a wall covered with TV screens, which are covering the latest news and weather updates. If it sounds like a lot of coverage, it is. Our technicians are constantly scanning for any threat of network disruption and proactively guarding your services with IFN. It’s a 24/7/365 job to protect your connectivity from all sides.

Protect it from what, exactly?

A network includes servers, routers, desktops, laptops, firewalls, switches, storage systems, and the list goes on. Our NOC technicians’ job is to ensure the stability of the core network and monitor all activity, using sophisticated technology to assess the health of each device on the network around the clock.

Service disruption—followed by dreaded downtime—can occur from a slew of sources. Bad weather, power outages, routing black holes, and DDoS attacks all pose threats to your service if left unchecked. So our people check…and check again. They’re trained to track down potential threats and stop them before your network is ever in harm’s way. In other words, your network is the President, and our techs are the secret agents ensuring complete security.

Our facility has the redundancy, security, software, expertise, and the vigilance to keep your network running as it should—flawlessly. To learn more about how IFN’s NOC professionals can keep your network protected, call us at (866) 309-0963 or email